Blue Mountain Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Ideas in Blue Mountain. Gifts, Events & more in Blue Mountain from Chill Dispensary

Here at Chill Dispensary we know how hard planning can be, especially when it is for your significant other. The stress of trying to make every detail perfect almost ruins the enjoyment of the holiday. 

It is Time to Wake ‘N’ Bake!

If you took a ski resort getaway this February 14th or decided to stay home, a surprise breakfast in bed is a classic. Our favourite pancake recipe is by Dank Yum. They use Cannabutter as the THC ingredient and it only takes 7 minutes to make a batch. 

Top 3 Strains From Chill Dispensary In Blue Mountain To Make Your Canna-butter for your Valentine’s Day Treats!

Lemon Haze

Kush Cookies

Frosted Cream Puffs

Just add their favourite toppings and you’re good to Chill out till lunch. If you want to try a different method of getting the THC into the pancakes, Dank Yum has alternatives listed at the bottom of the recipe.

We recommend you make Cannabutter a few days before Valentine’s Day. Chill Dispensary Blue Mountain carries fruity and indulgent flowers which can further elevate your Pot Cakes! 

Recreate Your First Date…but Infuse It.

Depending on what you did, time to spice it up with some THC or CBD infused beverages. If this is your first Valentine’s Day date, we can guarantee the best memories will be made. 

Chill Dispensary’s Top Selling Drinks.

If you can’t create the first date try out a brand new activity. Chill is located near the heart of the village which is just a heartbeat away from the scenic ice rink trail. If the indoors is more your style, use Youtube as your gaming console and challenge each other to a Just Dance battle.

Do They Love to Make, Bake or Create?

Remember the Cannabutter? You can make it together or make infused oils, milks or flour. Sometimes the best gift is one you create together. Check out Insider for a simplistic recipe.

Wanting to indulge even more? Bake special brownies for your special someone. If you have a grinder full of kief this is the time to use it. Save our recipe for later or check out our Instagram. We have it posted there too.

Valentine’s Day Gifts In Blue Mountain

Stoner friendly gifts for your special someone is easier than you think. 

Rose water for the bong. If the bong is a third wheel in your relationship, this is the best gift idea. You can make or purchase rose water, or any herbed water. Keep it cold or at room temperature to feel the sweet relief and aroma of the tea. It also can compliment the flavour of the bud you use.

Late Night Munchies Bouquet. Super easy and maybe they will share with you. Gather all your partner’s favourite treats and tape them to skewers. Simple fix up the arrangement and wrap in paper or place in a vase. Surprise a eye catching snack that won’t hurt the funds.

If you are wanting to step things up add some Chill Dispensary accessories.


Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with your S.O, friends or a pet treat yourself to a sweet treat from Chill Dispensary.

💚 Happy Valentine’s Day 💚

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